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Philips, 121-2-35LA-700-MA-NW-UNIV-NP-PCB, 121 LED Sconce

$1,000.00 $400.00

Philips Gardco LED wall sconce 121 is designed to add an
element of style to your application by pairing straight lines
with rounded edges. The form of the 121 is timeless, yet
contemporary, and will complement a wide assortment of
architectural styles and designs, while delivering high light levels
and functional distribution patterns. The 121 is comprised of
equal parts engineering, design and performance. Sleek and
stylish, it is visibly superior to obtrusive, glaring wall packs. The
design and construction of the 121 sconce continues the Philips
Gardco tradition of providing specification quality design and
craftsmanship. Each feature demonstrates an attention to detail
and a highly refined method of achieving long-term performance
and trouble-free operation.

Lithonia FEM4 LED 3L IMAFL 4′ LED Enclosed And Gasketed Industrial Fixture, 3000 Lumens, 4100K


Intended Use An attractive and energy-efficient surface-mounted or suspended linear fluorescent luminaire, suitable for wet, damp and/or cold locations. For challenging situations where relatively low fixture mounting heights and wide fixture spacings are common — such as parking garages, industrial facilities, retail malls, multi-purpose centers, garden centers, and airports. Certain airborne contaminants can diminish integrity of acrylic.

Hi Lite, H-18112, Gooseneck Sign Light w-12″shade, Black


The Angle Shade Gooseneck Lighting Collection features slanted lights that are often used for restaurant and sign lighting, as they are great for highlighting signs and artwork. These fixtures are available in a number of sizes, and they also suit a variety of mounts. Mounting options include: stems, flush mounts, and a selection of arm styles. Opt for a mixing and matching of colors to give them a more unconventional appearance, or give them a low-key appearance with standard tones like Black or Galvanized steel. Accessorize your Angle Shades with cast guards, wire guards, globes, and glass. Fluorescent and LED options are also available.

Kenall Manufacturing, MLHA8-24, Surface mount – wall or ceiling; nominal 8″×24″,



  •  Individual luminaires
  • Peace of Mind Guarantee® against breakage
  • ADA compliant
APPLICATION(S):Parking Garage
Parks and Recreation
Packaging and Staging
Kitchen and Food Prep
Locker Rooms
Multifamily Housing
Washrooms (Correctional)
Dorm Rooms
Schools and Universities
Transportation Platforms
Foyers and Lobbies
Sally Ports
Exteriors and Entryways
Gymnasiums and Multipurpose Rooms